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Boise Rail Inc. was formed in the USA early in 2002 after its founder Clive Greeff , discovered that there was a need for an international locomotive supply company that was USA based and dedicated to expanding into the  Southern African regions. Starting from a home office in Meridian Idaho, Boise Rail first supplied its products to local merchant traders and regional distributors, and soon demand  outstripped supply.
The establishement of a strategic joint venture partnership and then the  opening of a South Africa office in  2005 saw the next step in the growth of the group and regional  expansion resulted in it becoming a major player in the world market.
Visions of regional strength and dominance  have led the company from humble beginnings to where it is today. The company is built on honour,trust and integrity.
Using advanced technology, a good supplier network , excellent logistics and a strong infrastructure BOISE RAIL is  now amongst the leaders in the locomotive part supply market.
Boise Rail now has access to over 23 000 parts and components and is a proud supplier to railroad operators in more than 6 Southern African countries.

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